1. August 2019

  2. Two years at the top in the City Fringe

    12 August 2019
    The latest league tables of London Office Market Analysis from EG are out and the results for Q2 2019 show the Colliers City Fringe team leading the board for the eighth quarter in a row.
    The team managed a clean sweep across all three areas of performance from April to June 2019, transacting 116,013ft2 over 20 deals with a market share of 37%.

    It's a remarkable result achieved against a relentlessly turbulent political background.

    Despite all the goings on at Westminster, what is clear is that businesses want to be in London's creative quarter with as much fervour as the Prime Minister wants to come out of the EU. 

    From coworking providers to creative and professional occupiers, the City Fringe holds a unique draw as one of the world's most exciting and dynamic districts. With refurbishments and developments that set global trends in specification and design; a rich and varied community of architects, creative studios, fintech disruptors and flagship showrooms; and an equally diverse and vibrant culinary scene, it's little wonder the most talented people want to work here.

    So while the political climate may be ravaged by uncertainty, the desire and demand to work in the City Fringe seems reassuringly certain.

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