1. April 2019

  2. Advantage wellness: Colliers on court

    30 April 2019
    A beautiful Wednesday afternoon in London provided perfect conditions for our most recent Wellness in the Workplace event. This time the disposal, acquisition and members of the investment teams ventured outside to the tennis courts of Lincolns Inn Fields, a hidden gem in the heart of Midtown, until now.
    The City teams undertake a Wellness event once a month, not only for our physical fitness but also for our mental wellbeing, something which is at the forefront of our minds with the upcoming Mental Health Awareness Week.

    This month’s activity was an afternoon of mixed doubles, with the teams revealing a broad range of talent from across the ability spectrum. Several of the team are regular players and showed off their prowess in fine form. But special mention must also go to the novices who provided an amusing counterbalance to the display of expertise.

    The real surprise was James Walker who had somehow managed to keep his masterful tennis playing abilities a secret from the team. And while the afternoon was far competitive, he nonetheless wiped the floor with anyone pitted against him: a true dark horse.

    Although not as well known as the John Soames Museum that occupies one of the houses on Lincolns Inn Field, the tennis courts are well worth a visit and there’s also a spectators’ café for food and refreshments – it really is an oasis in the middle of London.

    Among the many benefits of tennis are increased aerobic fitness and reaction times; strength and flexibility; lowered resting heart rate and blood pressure, the list goes on… But there’s a social aspect to tennis that really gives it the edge, and is what we particularly enjoyed when out on the court.   

    Of course, the best way to recover from so much running about is to replenish those burned-off calories with a healthy meal and rehydration. But alas, the best lifestyle choices aren’t always the most observed, and it was game, set and match to pizza and the pub.