1. February 2019

  2. Wellness in the workplace: food for thought

    26 February 2019
    As part of the ongoing commitment to wellness in the workplace at the Colliers City Office, nutritionist Jade Barkett of Avococo Jade chatted to the team about the importance of nutrition for workplace productivity and day-to-day wellbeing.
    Avococo Jade provides personalised nutrition advice and genetic testing. But with a previous career in equity research at an investment bank, founder Jade also has first-hand experience of trying to marry a healthy eating routine with a busy working day. 

    So how can we incorporate sustainable simple eating practices into our daily lives? 

    Jade advised on the benefits of the vital vitamins necessary to boost our energy levels, focus and productivity. We all know the importance of Vitamin C, but our brain often pushes for the easier sugary snacks such as biscuits, sweets or chocolates. Instead, Jade suggested making healthier fruits more available and visible in the office, forcing us to think before we eat and most likely choose the healthier option. A simple fruit bowl in the office is a great starting point! 

    Interestingly, coffee is on the recommended nutrition list for improving cognitive function and fuelling productivity. However, given that caffeine has a half-life of 6 hours the recommendation was to keep the intake to the mornings: a late afternoon shot would still be in someone's system by bedtime.  

    Getting enough sleep was another key recommendation from Jade. Disrupted sleep patterns leave people feeling unrested, fuelling the desire to take in more caffeine (or bad sugars) throughout the day. This spikes energy levels and can lead to enhanced anxiety, which is an area of concern when working in a high-pressured environment that requires concise and accurate decisions.  

    Cravings sometimes can’t be stopped, so what’s the alternative? Jade had two great suggestions: drop a cacao cube into some hot water, or put a teaspoon of turmeric into hot oat milk which has a higher protein content than regular milk – this gets released slowly for a continual release of energy, ultimately combating those afternoon dips. 

    Finally, while maintaining nutritional value in the office is important, it also needs to be transferred to our home environment: after a long day, the temptation can be to go for a ready-made option. Jade's healthy was to steam vegetables, instead of boiling or roasting, to retain their healthy goodness. She even suggested making a “cuppa” from the water used to steam the veg! 

    All in all, we really appreciated the advice and look forward (hopefully) to putting these recommendations into practice.