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  1. May 2018

  2. Mic on Mondays | Paul Mellor

    14 May 2018
    Mellor and Smith is a London design agency that takes risks. Having taken residence in the newly refurbished 81 Southwark St, SE1 they have proved to be a quirky tenant in the building! Read this blog or watch Design Director, Paul Mellor, speak about creativity and why the days of minding your language are over.

    Congratulations on the new office, hopefully you have some kind things to say about our city office guys?

    Out of the 12,000 staff at Colliers all over the world, I think Alfie John and Oliver Hawking are definitely the best in the world, we love them.

    Can you give us an insight into what Mellor and Smith do and the reasons behind choosing this office.

    So the best ideas come when we get round a table, we get the pens and paper out and just start scribbling. The ideas really start to flow at that point. In order for that to be at its best, we need more space. Thanks to Colliers we were able to find a really good space, twice the space we had before. This means we can get away from our desks, our emails, messages and all that stuff.

    The Real Estate industry is often criticised for being risk adverse and traditional, what attitude would you encourage professionals to adopt?

    It doesn’t really matter what industry you are in, all the different brands within a sector are all pretty much the same – they’re all pretty much vanilla. The best approach is to be different, if you are different you will be memorable and if you’re memorable you will sell more of what you are selling. Therefore, you need to take a risk.

    We’ve had Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, what do you think is next for the digital world? 

    I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with what is going to come up in the future. 89% of advertising in the present day doesn’t work, so why are they so obsessed with the future and can’t even get the house in order right now. Stop obsessing about the future and make what you do today better.

    Your website takes no prisoners in terms of language and attitude, do you think the age of minding our language is over?   

    Who cares about language, it’s only a swear word. What is more important is the ideas you come up with, the skills that you have, the ability to be smart and creative. I’m way more interested in ideas and creativity, than someone ticking a box because they don’t swear.