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  1. February 2018

  2. Mic on Mondays | Justin Sires

    22 February 2018
    Justin Sires, Head of Europe and Co-founder of PFL Spaces, joins us for a chat as part of our Mic on Mondays series.

    PFL Spaces is a global company who design, build and service bike storage and changing room facilities for office buildings. Justin speaks to us about why their service is so important and the future of the company.

    What are the benefits of a workspace having your product or service?

    The benefits are that it increases the health of tenants and reduces absenteeism, which is a researched and qualified fact. It most definitely assists owners and developers in attracting tenants to a building and in turn, helps the tenants attract key talent.

    Why do most CEOs see your service as a priority for their business?

    Generally, it’s the CEO’s who are the ones cycling in. Some of these CEOs and key decision makers have bikes that are worth £10,000 or £15,000, so they’re probably worth more than some of the cars parked in the car park. That is why it’s really important to make sure that the space is functional, secure and working, and ultimately why it is important for buildings to make sure they have great facilities.

    Where did the idea for PFL spaces originate from?

    It was very much my own identified need; I was a cyclist riding into work 10 or so years ago. I realised there was a lack of convenient services and facilities for people that were doing the same as me and this was something that was resonating with my colleagues too. Then I thought let’s see if I can make something of this.

    Close to 10 years on, we have now expanded into multiple countries and it has proven to be the right thing to do. I think ultimately cycling is only going to increase across the globe as we have the pressures of pollution, traffic and population growth, so it’s a great place to be in.

    Have you seen an increase in the popularity of cycling in those 10 years?

    Most definitely, particularly moving to the UK and London, it’s been something that has been very evident when I’m out cycling, even as I was cycling here today. Just to see the amount of pollution and traffic that’s around and I’m most definitely seeing that increasing. At PFL Spaces we feel, and we hope, that we are making a difference to improving the health of the planet as well as the health and well-being of people.

    What is the Future of PFL spaces?

    Our future is that we are changing our name, we want to get more people on to bikes, were all about the freedom of the ride, more people enjoying that time where they get let go from their parents control and ride off into the distance. So were changing from PFL spaces to Five At Heart, which is all about that experience you had when you were five years old riding.

    We are very much expanding our offering across geographies, we are currently in Australia, US and UK. We want to expand into greater Europe and also expand the offering of products and services that we have for clients.

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