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  1. June 2017

  2. Deeper reality: our new and improved virtual viewing tours

    30 June 2017
    Almost exactly a year ago we rolled out virtual viewings across our entire City Fringe office portfolio, adding another level of attainable insight to what was possible before a would-be tenant actually attending a viewing.

    As time moves on, so does technology, and we’ve now upgraded our virtual viewing experiences to reflect the recent advancements in software. Today, our new Virtual Reality Tours give users the ability to move to, or around, almost any corner of their chosen office space, from wherever they are on the planet.

    Although the tours can be watched on mobile and desktop devices, the use of a Virtual Reality headset will turn the experience of staring at a screen into one of being  – almost – on location in a truly immersive and cognitive experience.

    The new tours are of a higher quality resolution with smoother transitions between an increased number of positions. You can even select a dolls-house view to see through solid floors and observe the entire layout of multi-level spaces from the perfect vantage point – something you can’t even do on a real viewing!

    All this enables us to represent landlords and their properties in a vastly enhanced manner, boosting the interest in their available spaces and going way beyond traditional photography in exhibiting any standout qualities. 

    This in turn gives tenants the best chance they’ve ever had to really work out whether a space is worth visiting in reality. That’s a great time-saver for them, even if they’re already nearby. But if they’re locating to the City Fringe from another part of London, the UK, or indeed the world, the benefits clearly multiply. 

    And for us, having tenants arriving at appointments already excited from their Virtual Reality Tour should enhance the performance of physical viewings. By cutting down on unexpected spatial surprises, our efforts can be concentrated on confirming terms and setting a moving-in date.

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