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  1. March 2017

  2. Capital to Capital

    28 March 2017
    With overseas investors increasing market share in London offices to unprecedented levels (accounting for over 80% of total transactions in 2017 to date) we are delighted to announce the timely appointment of Andrew Thomas, our new Head of International Capital Markets, who has joined our London Offices team to assist our clients in securing cross-border investment opportunities in London.
    Overseas money, taking advantage of continuing currency weakness in sterling, has dominated investment activity in London’s West End. 75% of transactions derived from overseas money with the Far East driving over 60% of that figure (£821m). Likelihood of further increase in sterling/dollar disparity should ensure that London property continues to look comparatively cheap to many non-domestic investors. Longer-term income streams remain the key targets and with the weight of global capital and increasingly encouraging economic data, London’s safe haven status should continue to act as a magnet in the search for yield. 

    Acting in the Central London market for over 25 years, undertaking  sales, acquisitions, joint ventures, forward funding, debt financing, lease restructuring and valuation work for investors from North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific Region, Andrew is perfectly-placed to support our local and international clients with their next real estate move into the Capital. 

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